Next Level E-Scouting with Mark Livesay

Next Level E-Scouting with Mark Livesay

Successful western hunters are on a continual search for knowledge that will elevate our hunting skill set, and even more importantly, tactics that will improve success. The odds are stacked against us as western hunters. Solid hunt planning is an essential component to finding consistent success. In this course, e-scouting expert Mark Livesay will guide you through hunt planning strategies that will dramatically change the way you prepare for your western hunt adventures.

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Next Level E-Scouting with Mark Livesay
  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Next Level E-Scouting

    To find consistent success, your hunt planning and e-scouting strategies should be more than just dropping random waypoints and marching off into the backcountry. Mark Livesay will teach you the next-level tactics that he uses to consistently find western big game animals.

  • Ch. 2 - Developing a Custom E-Scouting Marking System

    A mass of indistinguishable waypoint icons and colors tells you very little about your hunt area. Mark demonstrates how creating a visual blueprint will help you to key in on those prime hunt areas.

  • Ch. 3 - Using an E-Scouting Hunt Plan Template

    Click here to access Mark's hunt plan template

  • Ch. 4 - Defining E-Scouting Hunt Plans

    Understanding hunt plans vs hunt areas is a crucial component of a successful western hunt. Mark believes that hunt plans and the process of preparing separates next-level western hunters from the rest.

  • Ch. 5 - Expanding E-Scouting Hunt Areas

    Identifying and evaluating potential hunt areas can be a challenging task, and it's often the most difficult part of e-scouting. Mark highlights the importance of having multiple core hunt areas, and explains why this is a winning strategy.

  • Ch. 6 - The Bigger E-Scouting Picture

    Western hunters can get so caught up in the micro details that they lose perspective. Taking the time to absorb the big picture almost always produces rewards.

  • Ch. 7 - Evaluating Limitations & Realities with E-Scouting

    Mark sees far too many hunts ruined, cut short, and meat lost due to failure to understand limitations. Limitations will ruin a hunt if you ignore them, don’t account for them, and fail to factor them into your planning process.

  • Ch. 8 - Setting Realistic Hunt Area Parameters

    Setting up a process that helps keep you honest with your limitations will dramatically improve your odds of success. Mark shows you how to set up and integrate hunt parameters into your e-scouting work.

  • Ch. 9 - Evaluating Access Points with E-Scouting

    Evaluating access points in a new hunt area can be tricky, especially when you are relying solely on digital e-scouting methods. Mark shows you several techniques that you can use to assess points of entry before you arrive.

  • Ch. 10 - Evaluating Trail Pressure with E-Scouting

    Anticipating hunting pressure in a potential hunt area is an essential part of Mark's e-scouting strategy. This chapter reveals how to tackle this job using high-resolution and historical imagery.

  • Ch. 11 - E-Scouting Pre-Hunt Campsites

    Maximizing your odds of success starts with selecting the best camp locations. Mark shows you how to incorporate aerial imagery and topography maps to identify the ideal locations based on the proximity to your game-finding features.

  • Ch. 12 - E-Scouting Pre-Hunt Travel Routes

    Pre-planning hunt routes can increase your confidence by enabling you to estimate over-ground travel time and navigate more efficiently. In this chapter, Mark will show you the very best route-planning tools and techniques.

  • Ch. 13 - E-Scouting Glassing Locations

    Glassing big game is mission-critical for many western hunts. Identifying the best glassing spots is a kind of an art. This chapter covers all the ins and outs of identifying those prime high spots.

  • Ch. 14 - Top Ten E-Scouting Hot Tips

    Your final hunt plan is the end goal, providing you with a grounding resource and ultimately one of your biggest odds multipliers. This level of detailed planning will move the success needle.