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Finally, you can get the best hunting lessons from the world's best hunting experts. Join OutdoorClass and you'll be hunting with the best for years to come.

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Outdoors Education Featuring Leading Experts

Featuring professionally produced courses taught by the world's leading outdoor experts, OutdoorClass is the only place you can get unlimited access to top-level hunting knowledge. Whether you're on your phone, computer, or TV, you'll have access at home or in the field.

Rifle Elk Hunting

Veteran hunter and public lands advocate Randy Newberg shows you the ins and outs of rifle elk hunting in the highly pressured Post-Rut and Late seasons. How to e-scout from home, in-the-field tips & tactics, pack-out strategies—you'll benefit from Randy's decades of experience to master hunting elk.

Finding Mule Deer with Remi Warren

Take a deep-dive into finding Mule Deer using Remi Warren's 3-Step Advantage Tactics. Learn the critical factors regarding habitat, seasons, physical adaptations, e-scouting, glassing, essential gear, and much more.

Wild Game Cooking

You harvested it, now learn how to cook it. Learn from renowned chefs Hank Shaw and Jaime Teigen as they teach you everything you need to know. From selecting the best kitchen knives all the way through creating delicious meals from your freezer full of meat, you'll be impressing your friends and family in no time.

Call Elk Like a Pro

11-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen shows you the ropes and teaches you everything you need to call elk in the Pre-Rut and Peak-Rut seasons. Amaze your hunting buddies and annoy your family with your newfound calling skills. OutdoorClass also provides full access to the entire University of Elk Hunting archives at no additional cost!

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