Finding Mule Deer with Remi Warren

Finding Mule Deer with Remi Warren

Remi Warren takes a deep-dive into finding Mule Deer using his 3-Step Advantage Tactics. He discusses all pertinent factors regarding habitat, seasons, physical adaptations, e-scouting, glassing, essential gear, and much more.

Finding Mule Deer with Remi Warren
  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Finding Mule Deer & 3-Step Advantage Tactics

    More than just learning about mule deer, in this series, Remi Warren teaches you the way he hunts and breaks down his formula that involves understanding the animal you are hunting, identifying key strengths and weaknesses, then implementing a strategic plan based on the scenario you encounter.

  • Ch. 2 - Mule Deer Habitat

    To understand Mule Deer, you need to first understand where they live. Remi breaks down the different types of mule deer country to help you focus on what to look for in each habitat.

  • Ch. 3 - Mule Deer Physical Adaptations

    Mule Deer have specific adaptations to help them survive. While these adaptations are used to avoid predators, Remi shows you how understanding their safety measures can actually help you find the buck you are looking for.

  • Ch. 4 - Obtaining a Mule Deer Tag

    The first step to hunting mule deer is getting a tag. As tags become harder to come by, Remi gives you some tag draw hacks to put yourself in a position to get a tag in your pocket every season.

  • Ch. 5 - Essential Mule Deer Hunting Gear

    Good gear can make or break a mule deer hunt. There are a few items like optics that make a big difference in success. Remi covers the essentials and what is the best gear for different scenarios.

  • Ch. 6 - E-Scouting Mule Deer

    Finding mule deer and a good hunt plan starts at home. Remi breaks down how to use your knowledge of deer behavior to locate a hunting spot on a digital map.

  • Ch. 7 - Glassing Mule Deer

    Mule deer hunting is a spot and stalk game. This chapter gives you the secret on where to look and how to utilize deer behavior to turn up more bucks in your glass.

  • Ch. 8 - Mature vs Young Bucks

    Mature deer and young bucks are almost like two different species. This chapter breaks down how to pinpoint the deer you are looking for and the clues you can take away to either find more deer or turn up better bucks.

  • Ch. 9 - Velvet Mule Deer in August

    There is an advantage to chasing deer in velvet. They are out more, bachelor'd-up, and hold better patterns. This chapter Remi covers what to look for early in the season and how to use this time of year to your advantage.

  • Ch. 10 - September Mule Deer

    As the deer start shedding their velvet their behavior changes and so do the hunt tactics. Remi covers how to shift with the seasonality of mule deer and where to adjust your efforts and tactics.

  • Ch. 11 - October Mule Deer

    October is one of the hardest times to find deer and coincidentally the time when it is easiest to obtain a tag. Remi shows you how to use this to your advantage and turn up more bucks on those general tags. He covers new tactics and how to maximize your effort this time of year.

  • Ch. 12 - Mule Deer Rut

    The rut seems to be the magical time when deer come out of the woodwork but knowing the stages of the rut and ways to adjust your tactics will help you make the right moves. Remi covers the varying tactics from targeting cruising deer to when they are locking down with does, and how to change you...

  • Ch. 13 - Mule Deer Migration

    Mule deer can be highly migratory. Understanding what that means for your hunt can make a big difference in where you look. This chapter shows you the preferred habitat this time of year and ways to increase late season success.

  • Ch. 14 - Conclusion to Finding Mule Deer

    By combining the knowledge of deer behavior and finding the best behaviors to exploit for your particular hunt, you will have the skills required to find more deer no matter the time of year or area you hunt.