Stalking Mule Deer With a Bow with Remi Warren

Stalking Mule Deer With a Bow with Remi Warren

Few hunts are more rewarding than a successful spot-and-stalk mule deer hunt. World-renowned hunter and professional guide Remi Warren dives into his tactics, decision making factors, and a number of his time-tested secrets, to help you stalk into bow range of a mule deer buck. Remi also provides you with tried and true meat and velvet care during those hot bow season months.

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Stalking Mule Deer With a Bow with Remi Warren
  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Stalking Mule Deer With a Bow

    When it comes to bowhunting mule deer, the most difficult part is pulling off a successful stalk. Remi Warren provides you with step-by-step directions on how to get within bow range of a mule deer buck.

  • Ch. 2 - Mule Deer Stalks by the Numbers

    Remi identifies the ideal stalk, and some of the ways you can stack the deck in your favor by waiting for the right opportunity where the deer's senses are at a disadvantage, meaning its eyes, ears, and nose can be beat.

  • Ch. 3 - Top Seven High Percentage Mule Deer Stalks

    While you can chase any deer you see, your odds of a successful hunt are low if the situation isn't right. Remi lays out his preferred scenarios to stack the odds in his favor.

  • Ch. 4 - Planning Stalks on Mule Deer

    Once you have a deer in a high percentage stalk scenario, it’s time to move in. Remi lays out his methodical planning process for successfully stalking into bow range while addressing each of the deer’s senses.

  • Ch. 5 - Stealth Mode for Mule Deer

    In this chapter, Remi breaks down how to move quietly by giving you tips for softening your steps, dropping your pack, and gear considerations for the final push. Remi also demonstrates how to move silently with a bow that can be awkward to crawl with.

  • Ch. 6 - Hand Signals & Getting Busted by Mule Deer

    Remi covers the proper way to move to the last known position of the deer, how to use hand signals if there is another hunter with you, and how to wait a mule deer out if it is on alert.

  • Ch. 7 - The Mule Deer Strike Zone

    Small mistakes can cost you the hunt. Remi explains how to count down the yardage as you move into the Strike Zone. Additionally, he discusses the techniques he deploys to set up and wait for a bedded mule deer.

  • Ch. 8 - Making the Shot on Mule Deer

    Remi discusses the final piece of the spot and stalk puzzle: making a fatal shot. Most hunters that get this far blow it during this stage. Remi details the right, and wrong time, to draw and how to properly compensate for an alert deer that is potentially going to jump the string.

  • Ch. 9 - Early Season Meat & Velvet Care

    Mule deer bow seasons are typically earlier in the year - so heat will be a factor. Remi offers his hot-weather meat care tactics, including cooling. We will also look at how to keep and treat the velvet on the antlers of your buck.

  • Ch. 10 - Top Ten Things to Consider Stalking Mule Deer

    Remi offers up his top ten takeaways for successfully stalking into bow range for mule deer.