Introduction to OutdoorClass

Introduction to OutdoorClass

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Introduction to OutdoorClass
  • Chapter 1: Meet MTNTOUGH

    With a coaching staff comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers – their workouts aren’t easy, but they’ll prepare you for the varied conditions of a mountain hunt, or the grind of everyday life.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

    Your instructor, Randy Newberg, creates a course syllabus to guide you thru his 30+ years of Pronghorn hunting.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Calling Elk in the Pre-Rut & Peak-Rut

    There is nothing like the experience of calling in a screaming bull elk! 11-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen teaches you everything you need to know to use calls effectively to bring elk in close on a consistent basis.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Stalking Mule Deer With a Bow

    When it comes to bowhunting mule deer, the most difficult part is pulling off a successful stalk. Remi Warren provides you with step-by-step directions on how to get within bow range of a mule deer buck.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Wild Game: Elevated

    Chef Bri previews the sound fundamentals, often overlooked as overly complex and difficult, but are in fact easy for the cook in every home to learn and utilize.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Backcountry Mission Planning

    Meet your instructor, U.S. Navy veteran John Barklow. John lays out his course for effective backcountry hunt planning.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Venison 101

    Meet your instructor Hank Shaw, a James Beard Award winning chef, hunter, angler, and forager world renowned for his wild food recipes.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Western Big Game Cooking

    Meet your new wild game instructor, chef Jaime Teigen. She will take you through some techniques and recipes for cooking wild game that may be new to you, or a fresh outlook on an old classic. This course will help maximize the meat in your freezer and prepare you for next season's harvest.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Finding Mule Deer & 3-Step Advantage Tactics

    More than just learning about mule deer, in this series, Remi Warren teaches you the way he hunts and breaks down his formula that involves understanding the animal you are hunting, identifying key strengths and weaknesses, then implementing a strategic plan based on the scenario you encounter.

  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Rifle Elk Hunting

    Meet your course instructor, expert hunter & conservationist, Randy Newberg. He will walk you through his methods of success in rifle elk hunting seasons. Randy imparts all his wisdom regarding highly pressured public land bull elk by shaping your understanding of their needs, how they use the la...