Wild Game: Elevated with Bri Coelho

Wild Game: Elevated with Bri Coelho

Chef Bri teaches you how to elevate your wild game by teaching you easy, sound basics and skills that will open new techniques and recipes in your own kitchen.

Wild Game: Elevated with Bri Coelho
  • Ch. 1 - Introduction to Wild Game: Elevated

    Chef Bri previews the sound fundamentals, often overlooked as overly complex and difficult, but are in fact easy for the cook in every home to learn and utilize.

  • Ch. 2 - Cast Iron Seasoning & Care

    Cast iron pans last forever, if you take care of them. Chef Bri shows you key steps to create that non-stick finish & maintain it.

  • Ch. 3 - How to Properly Season & Sear the Perfect Steak

    Searing venison is easy, but there are still a few tips and tricks you’ll want to learn to get the best out of your backstrap.

  • Ch. 4 - Stuffed Venison Backstrap

    Chef Bri will show you how to butterfly and stuff a venison backstrap, a great technique to play with your own flavors. She demos one stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, and cream cheese.

  • Ch. 5 - Slow Cooker vs Pressure Cooker

    Slow cookers and pressure cookers are godsends for those of us with busy lives. Chef Bri shows you the ins and outs of each, and when one is a better choice than the other.

  • Ch. 6 - Fundamentals of Award-Winning Chili

    Chili has rules. Not many, but there are a few. Chef Bri walks you through what makes a great pot of chili, and demos her own award-winning recipe.

  • Ch. 7 - Baking vs Roasting Backstraps

    Although the two terms might seem similar at first, when you come across them in a recipe, there is certainly a difference between roasting and baking. Chef Bri will explain how and why to use each cooking method.

  • Ch. 8 - Braising vs Stewing

    Both braises and stews are methods of cooking that use moisture and heat. Chef Bri will show you that the amount of liquid is what distinguishes these two methods, and teach you what cuts of meat to use for each.

  • Ch. 9 - Cutting Board Types & Care

    Plastic vs Wood. Chef Bri breaks down the pros and cons of each and how to properly take care of them. Spoiler alert: glass cutting boards are the devil.

  • Ch. 10 - Proper Kitchen Knife Techniques

    Chef Bri shows you some basic knife skills that will make you a more competent cook without cutting yourself! She breaks down the basics of mincing, chiffonade, the julienne method, and more.

  • Ch. 11 - Wild Game Beverage Pairings

    While a can of Busch Lite with grilled backstrap might be great, there’s more to the world of beverage pairings with venison. From beers and wines to cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, Bri drops the knowledge you need.

  • Ch. 12 - How to Build a Versatile Marinade

    Marinades need acidity and flavor to work, but beyond those rules, it’s anything goes. Chef Bri demonstrates her go-to marinade and why it works, so you can make your own with confidence.

  • Ch. 13 - Pro Kitchen Tips

    As a bonus, Chef Bri gives you ten tips to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge in both the kitchen and when field dressing.